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About us

The Redling Family

It all began when my husband Matty and I returned home from China with our daughter Lucia in January 2007. We wanted to buy t-shirts for all of the special people in Lucia’s life but didn’t find anything that we really liked. So we created our own line of adoption tees with the help of a wonderful and talented graphic designer. Shortly thereafter, other ideas that we are passionate about came to be---our country, theatre, wine, the cure for breast cancer, etc. And so the t-shirt lines you see here on our website are just the beginning. We will continue adding designs as we become inspired.

One night Matty, Lucia, Daisy, our basset hound, and I were sitting around at home discussing ideas about starting our company and what to call it. Originally, we wanted the word “truth” in our company name since the tees reflect each person’s own personal feelings or truths. But everything with the word truth in it was already taken. So we started talking about our dog Daisy and how she always knows the right thing to be doing. For example, when times are hectic and we are going in a hundred different directions, we look to Daisy who is basking herself in a perfect patch of sunlight coming through the window. She always knows her “simple truth…her simple daisy.” As mentioned previously, the daisy flower is the symbol for truth. So there you have it, the birth of A Simple Daisy.

Doing Our Part

Our search for the highest quality cotton apparel is an ongoing journey. Along the way we are concerned with creating a socially responsible company, which adheres to our very own beliefs, values, and truths that we hold dear. We only offer the highest quality  100% cotton tee shirts and organic tee shirts that we can find. A portion of all sales will be donated to several selected charities. Feel free to pass on your favorite charities and we will make an effort to add them to our list.

I believe that we, as citizens of the planet, should do what we can. Whether it has to do with recycling, supporting charities, or any other individual choices, people should want to do their part to make our world a better place to live.
The simple fact is that it takes 1/3 lb. of fertilizer and pesticides to produce a single cotton t-shirt. There is no question that organic farming is a better way to go. Organic cotton, eco-friendly fabrics and bamboo cloth are beginning to make their way into mainstream fashion. I am actively searching for quality “greener” tees for our designs. Every time you see

next to one of our shirts, you can be assured it is organic.


Yolanda Fundora

This is our t-shirt designer, Yolanda Fundora, in the studio wearing one of her favorite A Simple Daisy shirts. Yolanda is also a children's book illustrator and a licensed fabric designer for quilting fabrics. Yolanda believes in testing out the designs by wearing them to see if they truly live up to the claim: tees you wear and feel.

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